Four easy steps to get started


Contact our doctor

Contact us via Email, Viber or WhatsApp. Get preliminary consultation with a doctor online. Use our translators to facilitate communication.


Get a CT scan

With our doctors referral to make X-ray and CT scan is needed. It takes only a few minutes. We’ll even help you find a nearby scanning center.


Take photos

For better treatment planning we need to have images of your teeth. Use different angles to take some photos of all your teeth. 



Use an easy to follow form on our web site to upload your CT scan, panoramic X-ray and teeth images to our doctors.

Leave the rest to us


Radiology Report

One of our licensed oral radiologists will examine uploaded data and provide you with a detailed report focusing on problem areas and possible solutions.


Treatment Plan

Using state-of-the-art equipment and software, our dentists will create a treatment plan tailored to your needs. You can co-work with our team to create the plan.



Use Tablet or PC to access your treatment plan. Examine details of proposed procedures, preview expected results, and analyze pricing.

You have the final say

Let’s discuss your options, time frames, and budget.